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updated 11 June 09

People Index Page
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People Events

People/Events Index page
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Description: Any large lists of people are managed in this section, including site administrators, site members (authenticated users), event attendees and group memembers.

Current thinking/roadmap:

  • Shows lists of people divided into tabs like Admin (site admins), Members (authenticated users), Events (event attendees), Groups (group members) etc.
  • Management tools for each type of ‘person’ is shown in their corresponding tab. For example ‘roles’ would be shown with Admins, ‘Broadcast’ tools would be shown with Event Attendees etc.
  • Uses same visual language as Find Content table

Note that roles, permissions and user settings will be migrated into the Modules & Configuration section of the site so that this section is focussed on ‘everyday’ usage and Modules & Configuration will hold the less frequently accessed functionality.

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