6.0 Structure

updated 7 June
Experience Architecture
Proposed Experience Architecture, large image here
updated 5 June

Walkthrough of an updated approach for the Site Builder.

Description: Structure will contain two main sections, a ‘Site Builder’ tool that will make creation of a reasonably sophisticated website relatively easy for non-technical people, and the Taxonomy interface.

Current thinking/roadmap:

  • The Site Builder is intended to help people new to Drupal make a site using Drupal in less than 30mins. Not necessarily the final site they want to launch with but to ‘make something’ successfully
  • The site builder is essentially a ‘magic user experience layer’ over the toolset that Drupal developers currently use to build a Drupal site.
  • The rapid site building is accomplished through the design and inclusion of a collection of sample sites, including the content types, pages and functionality most likely to be required. Novice users can choose one of these and do minimal editing to get to a finished site. Advanced users will create their site from scratch
  • Blocks, Views, Content Types are created using this interface, as the user defines the content to be shown on each page.
  • The site builder will support a range of levels of expertise – starting with the novice Drupal user and right along the learning curve to expertise

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