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Admin Header
Admin Header
wireframe updated 27 May 09

Description: A global header which would be shown when logged in to the site (for admin roles (site owners) but not site members (people who ‘sign up’ or ‘register’ to a site).

Global navigation is: Content, Structure, People, Appearance, Modules & Config, <Your Name – Profile>, Log out, Help

Current thinking/roadmap:

  • The top line of navigation is the global Information Architecture and navigation for the adminstration interface. The second line are a short selection of iconographical shortcuts that are customisable per role for fast access to most common tasks
  • Users are able to toggle the header to show only the top line navigation if preferred.
  • No use of javascript flyout menus, although admin menu module could be installed to override this if preferred.
  • The header will remain at top of screen all the time (even when scrolling)

Outstanding issues:

  • creation of library of icons. Need to define a short list of required icons and perhaps commission a designer to create custom icons for use in this theme (recommended re: GPL)

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