12.0 Palettes & Templates


Description: A design element we’re considering for use in D7 that users will be able to move around the screen and drag off elements (that we’re currently calling ‘templates’ and ‘bits’)

Current thinking/roadmap:

  • we were thinking of something pretty similar to what was shown in the Buzzr prototype recently

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15 thoughts on “12.0 Palettes & Templates”

  1. I think what you’re designing here is interesting, but you’re creating a UI for a product that doesn’t exist.

    Everybody wants a flying car, but there are reasons we’re still using highways.

    1. ahem. Dear “Drupal”: When did you decide to walk through life with lead weights tied to your bosom? If someone doesn’t think big and say “Hey, wouldn’t it be neat if cars could fly?”, how would you ever decide that you wanted one? Maybe, just maybe, there is value in deciding how things would be best /in and ideal world/ if for no other reason than to know what the hell it is we’re working for?

      SO: Do you like the application Leisa and Mark are describing? Or would you rather they remove the wings from the flying car?

      1. Many scripts like WordPress, My BB have dedicated forum or section where community members or just any one can post “Ideas”.
        Request for such was turned down or not responded in Drupal many times.
        Paying or inviting MB for ‘ideas’ and refusing the community’s ‘Ideas’ idea may appear to some as dubious standard or dictator like negligence.

        1. I don’t follow you. Drupal.org has a forum where you can post ideas. It has an issue queue where you can report bugs or request features. It has groups.drupal.org where you can organize working groups. It has an aggregator where you can ask to have your Drupal related blog posts aggregated. There is no shortage of places to post your ideas. Can you please clarify a bit? Thanks.

        2. If it has so many places then it brings back the old question why you need another half a dozen site like twitter, flickr, blogs etc to discuss stuffs ??
          However, I am not asking that question.
          Robert, what you pointed out are places to discuss existing codes, or ask some extra features on existing codes.
          They are not categorically “Idea”s section or dedicated to just ideas like “flying car”
          To understand what I said please look at the following uri and then say where there is such section in Drupal.

          Requests for such section was turned down and now its irony that “flying car” ideas are solicited hErE !!

        3. Ah, I like those. I think something like that would be very beneficial. I also think it is something that could easily be built as a separate website NOW by some ambitious community member, and if it turns out to be valuable and popular, integrated into Drupal.org later. Please note that what Mark and Leisa are currently working on is NOT Drupal.org, but Drupal core (D7).

          I don’t think anybody is trying to suppress anyone else’s ideas.

        4. Thanks and
          Just for the note 3 points
          1.Ideas section can well apply to Drupal core
          2.Forums , groups etc in drupal were not just built by any “by some ambitious community member”
          3. Ideas section in WordPress, MyBB and numerous other sites are just not built ” by some ambitious community member” – its part of their core websites and processes.

        5. Just to point out the (hopefully?) obvious: The d7ux.org site you’re reading this on isn’t anything official either; it was also built by ambitious community members who are trying to make Drupal better.

          That said, I agree there are some very nice things about the sites you pointed to. I don’t know the circumstances under which the idea was “rejected” for drupal.org, but websites only get built if there are people willing/able to actually do the building… and like Robert said, it could easily start as a separate site (perhaps with lessons learned from other efforts, including this one?).

        6. Thanks.
          See! How these reactions like yours go!
          Why do you insist on separate site?
          The links I gave are not separate sites but part of their core sites.
          Probably such a section was never started in drupal.org becoz one of the reasons are the thoughts like yours!
          FYI, birth of d7ux.org has quite a different story. Its useless going round here.

  2. Weak metaphors aside, I guess what I’m trying to say is I don’t see these ideas mapping to Drupal’s core concepts in any significant way.

    What I’m reading out of this is: “Here’s our idea for a CMS powered by Unicorns and Pixie Dust, it doesn’t build on any of your existing code, but hey, we’re allowed to dream!”

    It’s great to dream, but if the goal is to significantly improve the user interface in time for a Drupal 7 release, things are going to have to get relevant in a hurry.

  3. This is not as far fetched as it sounds. This could map to install profiles and selectable themes with a nice layer jQuery on top.

    Buzzr prototype already shows its possible. I do agree that it will need a lot of elbow grease

  4. I struggled with this concept at first to. Then I was fortunate enough to see Mark draw it out and share his thoughts. It seemed pretty natural actually. I now think Drupal would really benefit from such a feature. I think when Mark and Leisa take this to the next level and show a working prototype of it, it will blow users away.

  5. Drupal can use a ‘feature requests’ category in its forums section.

    I find it difficult to track different websites when one forum should be sufficient for ideas to improve drupal.

  6. I think these are great ideas. I’m not sure exactly how much work would be involved in implementing them. But if they’re “doable”, this would add a great combination of *enjoyment* along with usability.

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