3.0 My Profile

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Description: Profile page for logged in user

Current thinking/roadmap:

  • Haven’t really given this much thought yet

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8 thoughts on “3.0 My Profile”

  1. I’m working on a community site and have discovered that the profiles are the most important aspect of the site and the most difficult to add features to and to style properly unless you know how to write user_profile.tpl.php files and CSS. I don’t know either so it’s been difficult.

    I’d like to see an easy way to do this. I’d also like to see a way to make the user profile page drag and droppable too. For idea on how this is already being done in drupal, have a look at http://www.mylifetime.com and http://www.mothersclick.com. Their profile pages are awesome and I’d love to be able to do that without having to be a code writing genius.

    1. I’m not sure if this is looking at how to improve the profile page within core, but if you are wanting a drag and droppable layout which gives you the flexibility to do anything with your profile page – then look no further than panels 3. It’s %user panel lets you layout your profile however you might want, and even have different layouts per role, styles per panel and much more.

      What might be done is the creation of an addon module for panels which separates and refines the UX for the panels profile bit without expecting people to understand and use panels across a site? Maybe?

      1. Achieve Internet built the Lifetime site while I worked for them. The man I’m sitting next to at lunch today, Karl Scheirer, was also a Drupal dev on that project. Yes, it’s running on Drupal (5).

  2. Hi,

    When I think of ‘my profile’. I am picturing a page with tabs on the top:

    – one tab for each content type the user has posted: my photos, my videos, my articles, my bio,…
    – we should be able to take over any of these tab pages with a view

    That should prove to be flexible enough to do pretty much anything with it.

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