Understanding the D7UX Information Architecture Approach

This is the first in a series of posts discussing the proposed information architecture (IA) for D7UX.

Before we get into too much detail, be sure to check out this great video that Roy Scholten (Yoroy) posted recently that helps explain some of the key features and rationale of the IA and how it relates to the current Drupal information architecture.

2 thoughts on “Understanding the D7UX Information Architecture Approach”

  1. Wow! Huge improvement. Brilliant. The only thing I think needs a little tweak is reversing the order of “People” and “Appearance”. To my mind, it makes more sense to go Content > Structure > *Appearance* > People > Config etc since the appearance is more closely related to the content and structure and user mgmt is more closely related to configuration.

    1. Counter argument is that most people move left to right and people tweek users more than they tweek appearance.

      But — that’s an interesting question: do people find things easier when they grouped conceptually, or grouped by frequency of use.

      Dr Smarty Farty Pants

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