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Updated 27 May 09

Add Content
Add Content Page – what you’d see if you clicked on ‘Add’ in the header. (larger image here)

All the configuration associated with the creation of a piece of content goes onto the Meta page, keeping the content creation page as streamlined and focussed on pure content creation as possible. The Meta page is also designed to streamline this process by pulling the most used configuration elements to the front of screen and hiding the more complex and lesser used configuration options. (Larger image here)

Find Content
What you see if you choose Content from the global navigation or Find Content from the second level of navigation. Shows all content (including ‘orphaned nodes’) and can be easily ordered, filtered and searched. Incorporates the ‘flooded state harmonicas’ interaction style proposed by yoroy. (Larger image here)

Wireframes with some annotations available here (note that the designs above are more recent than the wireframes

Status: These wireframes have been pass onto Acquia for development, prototype for testing coming soon.

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11 thoughts on “4.0 Content”

  1. I’m developing a module called Content Administration that provides Drupal 6 with an interface similar to the Find Content prototype above:

    I’m interested in the directions that the user experience project is taking, and I’d like to know if any of the work that I’ve done would help.

  2. A big problem with most forms has been that the user does not fill in all of the required fields.

    I’m worried that with the save buttons on the right users may not fill in (or even be aware of) the fields below the fold.

    At present with large forms they are required to scroll past all fields to save the content.

    Can we have a warning beside the save button that warns them of empty fields.

  3. Looks slick. Feels that if the “Save Draft” “Preview” and “Publish” buttons are going to be in the main page then the ones at the bottom of the form should be in the bottom of the sidebar for consistency. And then I’m not sure I like the idea of two blocks of identical buttons and go back to the idea of a single set of page action buttons being in the header 🙂

    “META” is quite an unfriendly term for the average user.

    I’m not totally convinced about the overlay. I can see that it could be neat for example editing attributes of a block on a page but for actual content creation/editing and Find Content (which are not directly related to the display underneath), I’m not really seeing the value of it. Are there rules about when an overlay would and would not be used?

  4. I like this a lot. I like being able to see my content creation in one window without having it cluttered with path or comment settings. And I like my “meta” settings all in one place. The Find Content page is a great improvement. The column heading “Published” might be a bit confusing since not all content is published, but this is what usability testing is for 🙂

  5. great work on progress but does it really need ‘meta’ to be in a separate tab? i reckon all meta field settings could be beside on the right block so user can see the current/default settings and change on the same page.

    Saint-Exupery principal
    – Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away

    1. Precisely Martin, thank you for the screen mock-up, -i was going to do one too
      in fact, yesterday i discovered there is already a module for it by Hugo Wetterberg (drupal.org redesign much needed especially a smarter module finder)

      same idea but flexible -drag and drop version- form submission panel (interface module) is in works by Michael Haggerty
      http://www.trellon.com/content/blog/interface-module-part-one (check out the screencast)

      imho- they both solve a problem and render ‘META’ tab -Add Content Page- pic#1 above to be omitted

  6. Wow. This looks amazingly similar to wordpress’s current interface, which probably isn’t all bad.

    My biggest concern is that it looks like the kind of thing that only works with javascript, which means that it’ll be much slower on older computers. Is there a javascript-less fallback?

    Also, why the two tabs? You could could easily fit all the stuff in the “meta” tab in one of the two columns on the front page – paths in the sidebar, author info above the “date” box, etc..

  7. I think Drupal is undergoing a great work and I see lot of improvements in this area. For me, Content Editing is one of the most important areas, as it’s used by administrators and by editors, the latter often being average user without much knowledge.

    But I think you should also keep in account experienced user; I remember as frustrating the days while in Drupal 5 I was trying to arrange some divs to float inside the content of a page…it took me hours to get it

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