6 thoughts on “Common Site & Content Types Survey”

  1. good first pass at a poll… but not sure how useful the results will be…

    seems you need to know more about your polling sample to use the results statistically

    1. Wikis are not dying, but they are not common and popular content type, they are niche content type.

      At my work we use together Atlassian Jira (Project management) and Confluence (Wiki). They are not killing apps both, but pretty useful for work.

      It all is about what you need site(s) for.

  2. I think this poll is useful in that it was very easy for me to participate in this project for the first time. I agree with mike stuart, though; the survey data may be difficult to use well without a good understanding of things like sampling error.

  3. You don’t even list corporate websites (usually dismissed by drupalites as “brochureware”) on your common types list; that’s interesting to me. I wonder how many people shoehorned that into some other category, like “portfolio”. My company has five Drupal sites in the wold righ tnow with a sixth scheduled to go live in a couple of weeks, and all but one are corporate websites. (NOT “brochureware” — we don’t do “brochureware.”) The one that’s not is a promotional site for a book — also not something I could fit into the categories.

    1. … i should add that that only covers the sites I got paid to build. Of hte ones I didn’t get paid to build, four of five could be shoehorned into the categories listed. (2 blogs, 2 community sites [one just a forum, the other a combination news & info site supporting a 501c3 NFP group that actually has very little standard community stuff, but does have multiple bloggers], and one personal scratchpad that’s only used by me to store information.)

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