Project Framework

To help facilitate the aggregation of discussion around the many and varied aspects of the D7UX project we’ve devised a bit of an infrastructure, which you’ll find below.

Each of the pages below includes an overview of the current state of play and a link to aggregation of discussion around related issues.

1.0 Header (#d7ux_1_0)
2.0 Dashboard (#d7ux_2_0)
(includes widgets for dashboard)
3.0 My Profile (#d7ux_3_0)
4.0 Content (#d7ux_4_0)
(includes Add/Find content and Comments)
5.0 Edit On Page (#d7ux_5_0)
(includes inline editing and other edit/manipulation interfaces on the web page itself)
6.0 Structure (Direct Manipulation Tool) (#d7ux_6_0)
(includes Build/Edit ‘page’, Editors for Block, Content Type, Navigation, Views, and Terms/Categories)
7.0 People (#d7ux_7_0)
(includes add/edit/delete users, roles & permissions, workflow <- moved to Modules & Config)
8.0 Modules & Configuration (#d7ux_8_0)
(all less frequently used config/setting functionality, site settings, module management)
9.0 Appearance (#d7ux_9_0)
(includes find theme, theme builder)
10.0 Configuration (#d7ux_10_0) amalgamated with modules
11.0 Help (#d7ux_11_0)
(includes in context help)
12.0 Palettes & Templates (#d7ux_12_0)
(refers to the palette tool used as an element esp. in Structure)
retired this concept
13.0 Installation (#d7ux_13_0
14.0 Accessibility (#d7ux_14_0)

Get your thoughts here:

If you want your thoughts on any of there issues to be picked up, please tag your blogpost, flickr image, youtube video etc. with the tags above (there are also more granular tags for each section if you *really* want to be specific). You can tag your submission with multiple tags if appropriate.

The tagging isn’t particularly human-friendly, so sorry about that. We’ve gone with machine-friendly tags to assist with aggregation and to help encourage humans who are participating to be more precise than we tend to be with more semantic tags

To see all the discussion related to D7UX take a look here