8.0 Modules & Configuration

updated 28 June 09
Modules & Config

Modules & Config Landing Page
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Modules Page

Modules List Page (larger image here)

Description: A section of the site for modules to be installed, updated and configured, and other site configuration activities.

Current thinking/roadmap:

  • put all the ‘config’ type stuff in one place so that you don’t have to know if it’s a module or not to find it
  • retain the current ability to sort by module or task (not currently shown in wireframe)
  • nest modules with dependencies under the module-of-dependence
  • make it obvious at a scan of the page if updates are required
  • recommended modules (possibly top 10-15 most installed modules?) to help point newcomers towards necessary modules as quickly as possible.
  • streamline permissions

Aggregated Feed (Pipe) of Related Discussions

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