5.0 Edit On Page

Screenshots updated 4 June 09

Shows the ‘Meta’ header. Large image here.

Shows the Hover State. Large image here

Edit In Place
Shows Edit In Place. Large image here.

Description: Refers to the ability for users to be able to edit/manipulate content from the website page, potentially using a combination of ‘in line’ editing where appropriate, and triggers to launch editor tools in overlays.

Current thinking/roadmap:

  • On clicking the ‘Edit’ button in the header, regions of the page would be defined as clickable (eg. nodes, blocks, navigation). Depending on which was selected, the appropriate editor tool would be shown
  • Nodes would be able to be edited inline (special handling for images?), blocks, views, navigation would launch an overlay with form based editor tools
  • Clicking ‘Edit’, ‘Save’ or a click in clear space would switch out of edit mode (auto save)

Aggregated Feed (Pipe) of Related Discussions

Status: Handed on to Acquia for development

Please feel free to add your thoughts as comments below or if you’d rather publish them elsewhere you can have them the pipe by using this tag #d7ux_5_0

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