Media Library Microproject – Update & Feedback Please!

Maarten Verbaarschot volunteered to take on a Microproject (thanks Maarten!) and for the past few weeks he has been working on interface design for a Media Library for Drupal. There is a great discussion going on in the issue queue that you might want to take a look at.

Maarten is currently working on the third iteration of these wireframes but he’d really love it if you can take a look and give him some feedback – anyone who has ever added an image to a web page should be able to have a say on this interface, so don’t hold back! 🙂

In particular, Maarten is looking for some user stories where users would be uploading content using this Media Library interface rather than uploading whilst in the process of creating a ‘node’ (story, article, post etc.). I know I have a couple but if you do also perhaps you can share them in the comments below or on the issue queue thread (if you’re a member of or would like to be!)

He is also working on an interactive prototype for this, and would love a little help from someone with good JavaScript skills so if you’re so inclined, please comment below.

You can see the work that Maarten has done so far here:

* Iteration 1:
* Iteration 2:
* Iteration 3: (in progress)

We really look forward to your feedback (here, on the flickr photos, on the issue queue, wherever is most comfortable for you).

Thank you Maarten for all your hard work so far! You rock!

And thank you to Maarten’s employers, Merge, for sponsoring a week of his time to work on this project. You rock too!

4.0 Content

Updated 27 May 09

Add Content
Add Content Page – what you’d see if you clicked on ‘Add’ in the header. (larger image here)

All the configuration associated with the creation of a piece of content goes onto the Meta page, keeping the content creation page as streamlined and focussed on pure content creation as possible. The Meta page is also designed to streamline this process by pulling the most used configuration elements to the front of screen and hiding the more complex and lesser used configuration options. (Larger image here)

Find Content
What you see if you choose Content from the global navigation or Find Content from the second level of navigation. Shows all content (including ‘orphaned nodes’) and can be easily ordered, filtered and searched. Incorporates the ‘flooded state harmonicas’ interaction style proposed by yoroy. (Larger image here)

Wireframes with some annotations available here (note that the designs above are more recent than the wireframes

Status: These wireframes have been pass onto Acquia for development, prototype for testing coming soon.

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