Buzzr – also making Drupal a better User Experience

We were really excited to learn of and see the work that the team at Lullabot with Karen McGrane from Bond Art + Science have been doing on their Buzzr project and thrilled that we’ll be able to talk with them about their experience on the project so far.

It’s particularly exciting that there are many similarities in our approaches to solving the user experience challenges for Drupal, and there are some differences as well which will be great to explore further.

We’re going to be comparing notes with the Buzzr crew in the coming weeks and we’ll be sharing some of the insights we gain from that with you here. Stay tuned!

5 thoughts on “Buzzr – also making Drupal a better User Experience”

  1. Loved to see the video. The lullabot guy has very polite, humerous way of saying things which is in contrast to the “slap-u-on-ur-face” approach of MB!
    Instead of duplicating efforts and wasting time, why not incorporate it in the new Drupal?

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